Newton Academy, 1802
The Newton Academy at 75-77 Main Street was erected about 1802 on the Meeting House Lot, not long after this select school was incorporated on February 2, 1801. A belfry originally crowned its northeast gable. In June 1807, John Blanchard, trustee of Jonathan Hampton’s estate, conveyed half an acre to the Trustees of Newton Academy. In October 1830 the Trustees sold to John Hall, Judge of the Common Pleas, who had founded the Sussex Register ii 1813. In April 1831, Hall & Johnson "fitted up the Old Academy in Newton, for a Store House." Judge Hall moved the printing press of the Sussex Register to the second floor in April 1832. Newton Academy is one of only a handful of examples of the full Georgian plan, five bays wide with center hall and two rooms deep. Sometimes, side-hall townhouses were laterally extended to achieve a full Georgian plan.

The firm of Hall & Johnson dissolved in May 1841 with William Johnson continuing at the old stand until January 1855. On April 2, 1855, John Hall sold the old Academy to merchant William P. Nicholas.

In June 1928, Frank Raub stuccoed the residence of the late Dr. Harvey McCloughan at 75-77 Main Street.

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1. Inset View, William P. Nicholas Store-House, 1856 Map of Newton