So What
Kevin and Patrick, 2003

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About the CD

Recorded in my brother Patrick’s living room, these songs are built on my singing and playing acoustic guitar. “Yours To Keep” remains just my guitar and vocal, with the drum machine on brushes and high hat. “Whirl Wind” is the same, but with Pat on bass. I also play harmonicas, moraccas, handclaps, and the bottle opener and bottleneck guitar on “Almost There.” It’s my background vocals on “Been and Gone,” “Almost There,” and “This Time Around.”
Patrick tranforms each of these songs with pure musicianship, playing 12- and 6-string electric guitars throughout, as well as
bass, drums, keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, tambourine, handclaps, other percussion instruments, background vocals, and special effects. Pat invents the beautiful Organ Variations on the theme of “Healing Touch.” Pat and I recorded the babbling Mill Brook in Van Campens Glen for “You Make Angels Cry.” Bill Gustavisen adds the high harmony on “Time Won't Fade You” and Liam Oliver drums on “Almost There” and “This Time Around.”
Deborah Powell is the inspiration? She also did the design and graphics. The Shimmer Twins produced and mixed. Thanks to Ivan Wright for cover art.

Happy Zen Motoring! Chief Red Chin and the Depositions.
If you enjoy this CD, be sure to ask about our second 14-song volume, entitled Worth the shimmer!
So What. Words and Music © Kevin Wright 2003 All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.